What are the advantages of Blown Stretch Wrap-

Blown Stretch Film Offers higher load and stretch capacity. Historically Blown film being biaxial in orientation, has proven to be the film of choice for hand wrapping applications. A higher tear resistance is an advantage when securing loads with sharp edges.

What are the advantages of Cast Stretch Film-

Increased clarity allows users to see wrapped products. Cast stretch wrap unwinds quietly compared to blown stretch wrap. Cast stretch film offers one sided cling that allows easier storage when warehousing the wrapped product.

Should I consider the cost saving option of prestretched film?

Prestretched film is perfect for light to medium uniform pallets, or if you have a standard core break machine. Let us stretch the film in a controlled environment, to ensure your pallets are wrapped for optimum retention at the lowest cost!

Is stretch film recyclable?

Stretch film is fully recyclable

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